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Research Areas/ Interest; – Social science




Current Designation:

MPhil Statistics.


Research Scientist

Professional Affiliations
  • Ghana Science Association
  • Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World
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0302 500195

Research Areas/ Interest Social science
Past & On-going Research Work/ Project’s


Ø  CHICKEN AND FISH FEED AND ORGANIC FERTILIZER VALUE CHAIN DEVELOPMENT USING BLACK SOLDIER FLY-BASED URBAN BIOWASTE PROCESSING IN GHANA, MALI, AND NIGER (Work package 1: Evidence generation: Biowaste, stakeholder mapping, situation analysis to guide strategic decisions).

·       To apply for ethical clearance for the survey

·       Co-design data collection instruments

·       Conduct resource and stakeholder mapping surveys



·        Organized and embarked on community entries to the communities selected for the project.

·        Applied and got the Ethical Clearance Approval.

·        Conducted Household Characterization and Listing in the communities under study which was used as the sampling frame.

·        Co-designing with the UK partners of the Social Science Research Methodology of the project

·        Organized a short training for recruited facilitators who assisted in community participatory appraisals (Focus Group Discussions)

·        Conducted numerous Community Participatory Appraisals (FGDs) in the study communities to ascertain the predominant problems identified by community members, type of water sources, sanitation challenges and service institutions.

·        Recruited and trained enumerators and supervisors for the baseline surveys for the project.

·        Conducted a baseline survey covering 1,721 households in two study communities.

·        Conducted institutional and household in-depth interviews in the study communities.

·        Conducted participant observations.

·        Organized training of enumerators to do Diarrhea Illness Monitoring

·        Conducted Diarrhea Illness Monitoring of children aged 3years and below for a period of two and a half years.

·        Organized a capacity building programme for an adolescent change agents’ group


·       Assisted in acquire Ethical Clearance Approval

·       Co-designed instrument for data collection for Alternative Wetting and Drying (AWD) survey.

·       Supervised the survey and analysed the data.


Ø  ACTUATE Project

·        Conducted surveys and in-depth interviews for resource mapping purposes for a bio-digester.

·        Develop a selection criterion for students (to be involved) in collaboration with school head teacher and teachers, of the school.

Ø  Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) with Ulster University Pump-priming project (2017-2018)

·       Conducted a fact-finding survey on renewable energy sources for rural areas

Ø  CSIR small research grants on the design, construction of an efficient low-cost mobile kiln technology for the production of charcoal (2017)

·       Designed a qualitative data collection instrument

·       Conducted a baseline survey on the adoptability of the technology by charcoal producers in the Easter Region

·       Analysed the results


Ø  Collaborative Research on Renewable Energy Technology Transfer. Improved Cookstoves-Southern Sector (2017)

Ø  Survey of LPG stoves for Energy Commission (2015)

·       Designed data collection instrument, conducted the survey and analyzed the data for report writing

Ø  Enhancing Capacity of Regional Testing and Knowledge Centre (2014)



Trainings Attended



RECIRCULATE Conference; – Lancaster University, UK – 2019



  • William Owusu Oduro, Patience Mamle Agbedor, Gloria Boafo-Mensah, Kofi Ampomah-Benefo, Maame Adwoa Bentumah Animpong, Joyce Koranteng, Elizabeth Von-Kiti, Kisiedu Akufo-Kumi and Gabriel Nii Laryea. Predicting the Emissions Characteristics of Charcoal Fired Cook Stoves from Thermal Performance indicators, International Journal of Applied Science and Technology, Vol.9, No. 4, December 2019, doi 10.3.
  • Eric Fifi Ankamah, Pax Davies Dzamboe, Patience Mamle Agbedor, Godfred Tottimeh, Joseph Yao Amoah.Techno-economics of Biochar and Biogas viability in Ghana International Journal of Technology and Management Research, Volume 2. Number 3: 33- 41 (2017)
  • E. N. N. Nortey, P. M. Agbedor, F. O. Mettle and N. Aguh , “A Statistical Model of Need- Based Financial Aid Scheme to Needy Students in the University of Ghana (2014), Research Journal in Engineering and Applied Sciences 3(3) 151 – 157.
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