Institute of Industrial Research

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

Institute of Industrial Research

Mission & Vision

The CSIR-IIR which is Ghana’s foremost industrial research and development organization emerged out of the merger of the former Industrial Research Institute (IRI) and Scientific Instrumentation Centre (SIC) in 1998.

CSIR-Institute of Industrial Research envisions to be a world class provider of scientific and technological solutions to life’s challenges and opportunities.
To drive national development and global competitiveness in industry through scientific and technological research.

Strategic Objectives

The strategic objectives are aimed at addressing all the critical areas identified to strategically position the Institute on both the sub–regional and international scenes. They also define the focus and provide a guide for the research and development activities at CSIR - Institute of Industrial Research.


The strategic objectives would be achieved through R&D efforts and programmes by division within the Institute.

The key objectives are as follows:

  • Build competitive advantage by focusing on enhanced delivery in the Institute’s areas of expertise with technology
  • Become financially independent by identifying and developing sustainable internal sources of revenue
  • Collaborate globally with the relevant research centres and industries
  • Attract, maintain and develop the best research minds to the Institute
  • Pursue social operating mechanisms that empower and inspire employee


The CSIR- Institute of Industrial Research plans to achieve the following outcomes through a proper implementation of its strategic plan:

  • Be a globally recognized research institute
  • Be a financially independent institute to fund its own research projects and programmes
  • Be an inspiring place to work
  • Be a Centre of Technological Excellence