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Research Areas/ Interest; – Natural Products, Agro-waste and Polymeric materials in Construction

Waste glass dissolution technology

Construction materials from local sources

Supplementary Cementitious materials




Current Designation:

PhD Chemistry


Senior Research Scientist

Professional Affiliations Ghana Science Association


Research Staff Association

Chemical Society of Ghana

International Federation of University Women


Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD)


Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Ghana (WISTEM GH)

Contact Details:

+233 24267731     +233265075484

Research Areas/ Interest Natural Products, Agro-waste and Polymeric materials in Construction

Waste glass dissolution technology

Construction materials from local sources

Supplementary Cementitious materials

Past & On-going Research Work/ Project’s


Ø  Transformation of municipal solid waste into sustainable resources for pavement construction” (ECOPAVE)

Ø  Renewable energy solutions: biomass pellet use in gasifiers

Ø  Plastic/Latex waste modified bitumen

Ø   Latex/kaolin modified bitumen

Ø  Plastic waste modified mortar/concrete

Ø  Design And Construction of an Incineration Facility at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Ring Road Central, Kanda,  Accra

Ø   Waste Glass use in construction and the petroleum Industry,

Ø  Supplementary Cementitious materials

Ø   Emulsion paint from local materials

Ø   Insecticidal emulsion paint from essential oils derived from local plant

Ø   Plants with anti-termitic properties

Ø   Termite Control of buildings and Construction sites


Trainings Attended



14th December 2021: Participant Virtual Launch of the 2020 SDG and the AU Agenda 2063 Progress Report organized by National Development Planning Commission (NDPC).

11-12th Nov. 2021:Participant Regional Consultative Meeting to Discuss Draft Guidelines for Development of Legislation and Related Policies on Marine Litter In Africa organized ny UN Environment Programme  with Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA).

21st -23rd July 2021: Participant and Exhibitor (Conference). ‘Ghana wastes fair – Turning waste into a resource’. Organized by the United Nations Development Programme, Ghana. UNDP IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Coca Cola Foundation and Ghana National plastic Partnership Integrated Waste Management Fair.

14th July 2021: Member, Organizing team, Stakeholder Engagement 3 Milestone Two, Transformation of municipal solid waste into sustainable resources for pavement construction (ECOPAVE) UNDP – Waste Recovery Innovation Challenge  at Miklin Hotel Accra

14th July 2021: Co-presenter at Stakeholder Engagement 3 Milestone Two Transformation of municipal solid waste into sustainable resources for pavement construction (ECOPAVE) UNDP – Waste Recovery Innovation Challenge at Miklin Hotel Accra.

3rd June 2021: Participated in virtual Skills for Innovation organized by AfricaLics.

4-5th May 2021: Participant, 6th Multi-stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation Forum for DDGs (STI Forum) Theme: Science, Technology and Innovation Sustainable and resilient COVID-19 recovery and effective pathways of inclusive action towards the Sustainable Development goals organized by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social COUNCIL (UNDESA).

22nd April, 2021: Participated in a Webinar Series Innovation under the radar African Experience and the way forward organized by AfricaLics.

7th April 2021: Participated in a Virtual meeting of Ghana National Plastic Action Roadmap Expert panel.

15th-19th March 2021: Participated in Research Scientists’ Leadership Training Programme organized by CSIR, College of Science and Technology- Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

10th March 2021: Ghana SDG Investor Maps, Virtual Impact Facilitation organized by Business for Peace Foundation and UNDP.

12th Nov. 2020: GWI Webinar – GWI Advocacy in Action: How to create a Strategic Advocacy Plan for Gender-Based Violence held 12 November 2020 at 10am CET. Organized by Graduate Women International.

23rd of October 2020: Final Consultation Workshop: Accelerating the Transition to Climate-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning organized by Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Germany Friday at 10:30 – 13:00 GMT

7th and 15th April, 2021: A member of Expert panel on plastic management in Ghana.

8th and 9th Oct 2019: Workshop on marine litter and microplastics. Promoting the environmentally sound management of plastic and minimization of the wastes and achieving the prevention and minimization of the generation of plastics wastes on 8th and 9th Oct., at Coconut Grove Regency Hotel, Accra. Organized by Basel Convention, UNEP and MESTI.


16th April 2019: Multi-stakeholder Dialogue on Plastic Waste. Organized by UNDP at Alisa Hotel, North Ridge Accra ..


12th July 2018: Inception Workshop for Multi-Stakeholder Waste Resource Platform Initiative launched for Ghana. 12th July 2018 Accra City Hotel organized by UNDP. Theme: A Ghana-wide Multi-Stakeholder “Waste” Resource Platform.


4th and 5th April, 2017: Workshop on deterioration of building. Causes, prevention and Control for stakeholders in the construction industry. Organised in Kumasi.


28th-29 July, 2017: Workshop on deterioration of buildings. Causes, prevention and Control for stakeholders in construction. Organised in Accra.


18th -22nd March 2019: African Climate week in Accra Conference Centre hosted by the Ghana government. Theme: Climate Action in Africa A race we can win.


11-12 OCT., 2017:  Workshop for Early Career Researcher /Administrators in KNUST in CSIR-BRRI. Organized by Association of Commonwealth Universities


4-7 July, 2017:  Workshop on gender mainstreaming in Research held at CSIR-INSTI    organized by Author-AID/ INASP.

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