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Dr. Richard Bayitse

Dr. Richard Bayitse







University of Ghana, Ghana


Food Science
Coventry University , UK
Environmental Management
University of Ghana, Ghana
Environmental Science
University of Cape Coast, Ghana
University of Cape Coast, Ghana
Laboratory Technology




2017 to date

Consultant, Industrial Processes and Research Division CSIR- Institute of Industrial Research

2017 to date

 Review Panel International Letters of Natural Sciences

2016 to date

Review Panel BAOJ Chemistry Journal

2016 to date

Member Ghana Science association

2016 to date

Member CAASTNET PLUS NCP system in Ghana

2010 to date

Technical Committee Member for setting standards in Ghana Standard Authority

2006 to date

Technical Committee Member Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme Codex Committee on methods of Analysis and Sampling

2005 to date

Member of Technical Review Committee who review Environmental Management Plan documents for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ghana for environmental permit renewal for Manufacturing Industries




2017 to date

Member of CSIR Management committee – Global Challenge Research Fund

2017 to date

Coordinator of work package –Water for Sanitation and Health – Global Challenge Research Fund Project

2016 to date

Head of Industrial Processes Research Division, CSIR-Institute of Industrial Research


Project coordinator of CSIR-IIR on EU sponsored project, Biowaste4SP Project with grant agreement number 312111 “Turning biowaste into sustainable products: development of appropriate conversion technologies applicable in developing countries”. This project was undertaken by 10 different countries including 5 from Africa; (South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco and Ghana); Malaysia, Sweden, Turkey, Italy and Denmark from Asia and Europe


Member of Internal Management Committee, CSIR Instituter of industrial Research




  • Enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation for ethanol and amino acids
  • Biogas production
  • Waste water treatment and analysis
  • Environmental quality analysis and management
  • Enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation processes optimisation
  • Environmental characteristic mapping using unmanned aerial vehicle (Drone)


Edited Technical Reports

  1. Bayitse, R. (2017). Bioprocessing of cassava peel for lysine production. PhD Thesis (University of Ghana)
  2. Bayitse, R., Xiaoru, H., Laryea, G. and Bjerre, A.B. (2015). Solid State Fermentation of Protein.  Report for FP7 Biowaste4SP, Grant Agreement No. 312111, pp.1-25
  3. Bayitse, R., Hansen, A.C.H, Dantoft, S.H, Wang, Z., Jensen, P.R., Hou, X. and Bjerre, A.N. (2015).  Development of amino acid fermentation process for production of lysine from biowaste using Corynebacterium glutamicum. Report for FP7 Biowaste4SP, Grant Agreement No. 312111, pp. 1-24
  4. Bayitse, R., Hou, X., Laryea, G.N, Aggey, M., Oduro, W., Selormey G. and Bjerre, A.B. (2015). Ethanol process from biowaste C5 and C6. Report for FP7 Biowaste4SP, Grant Agreement No. 312111, pp. 1-23.
  5. EL Bari, H., Joute, Y., Tosun, C., Bayitse, R., Stelte, W. and Bjerre, A-B (2015). Co-Digestion Study: The Co-Digestion Viability at Laboratory Scale of the Most Suitable Residues. Report for FP7 Biowaste4SP, Grant Agreement No. 312111, pp. 1-68
  6. Gustavsson, M., Bjerre, A.B, Bayitse, R. Belmakki, M., Gidamis, A.B., Hou, X., el Houssine, B., Owis, A.S., Sila, D.N, Rashamuse, K.,  Sundqvist, J.O.,  El-Tahlawy, Y. and Tawona, N. (2014). Catalogue of Biowastes & Bioresidues in Africa, Biowaste4SP project deliverable, Danish Technological Institute and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Taastrup, Denmark, Version 1.0, September.
  7. Lawther, J.M., Koni Rashamuse, K., El Tahlawy, Y., Bayitse, R., Hou, X. Owis, A.S. and Bjerre, A.B (2014). Report on generic process and specific variants of wet fractionation and hydrolysis of rice bran and sample tests. Report for FP7 Biowaste4SP, Grant Agreement No. 312111, pp. 1-11
  8. Bayitse, R., Aggey, M., Oduro, W., Selormey, G., Mensah, B., Laryea, G., El Bari, H. (2014). Reactor Design and Separation Equipment for Anaerobic Co-digestion of Biowaste and Manure. Report for FP7 Biowaste4SP, Grant Agreement No. 312111, pp. 1-14
  9. Bayitse, R., Oduro, W., Aggey, M., Selormey G. Mensah B. and Laryea, G.N. (2013). Ghana country report: Overview of potential biowaste and biobased residues for production of value added products. Report for FP7 Biowaste4SP, Grant Agreement No. 312111, pp. 1-36.
  10. Bayitse, R., Laryea, G.N., Selormey G., Oduro, W., Aggey, M. and Mensah B. (2013) Bibliographical review of co-digestion of cassava and manure –      Ghana Country Report for FP7 Biowaste4SP, Grant Agreement No. 312111, pp. 1-36.
  11. Rashamuse, K., Bayitse, R., Tahlawy, Y., Lawther, M., Hou, X. and Bjerre, A.B (2013) Generic process of wet Fractionation and Hydrolysis of Cassava Waste Report for FP7 Biowaste4SP, Grant Agreement No. 312111, pp. 1-23
  12. Hou, X. Rashamuse, K., Tahlawy, Y, Bayitse, R., Lawther, M., Owis, A.S. and Bjerre, A.B (2013) Report on Generic Process and Specific Variants of Wet Fractionation and Hydrolysis of Banana Biomass (Over-matured and Green Banana Flesh and Peel) from South Africa and Egypt.  Report for FP7 Biowaste4SP, Grant Agreement No. 312111, pp. 1-15
  13. Hou, X. Rashamuse, K., Tahlawy, Y, Bayitse, R., Lawther, M., Owis, A.S. and Bjerre, A.B (2013) Report on development of enzyme system for hydrolysis of banana to monosaccharides. Report for FP7 Biowaste4SP, Grant Agreement No. 312111, pp. 1-18
  14. Bayitse, R. (2012). Assessment of Humate, Activated Carbon, Compost and Zeolite in accelerating the remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon contaminated soil – Msc Thesis, (Coventry University)
  15. Bayitse, R. (2010). Pattern of pollution along the lower reaches of River Pra – Mphil. Thesis, (University of Ghana)
  16. Bayitse, R. Dye extraction and characterization from  Sorghum candatum  – Student Thesis, (University of Cape Coast)


Journal Publications

  1. Saladini, F., Vuai, S., Langat, B., Gustavsson, M., Bayitse, R., Gidamis, A., Mohammed, B., Owis, A., Rashamuse, K., Sila, D. and Bastianoni, S. (2016) “Sustainability assessment by means of emergy evaluation of selected biowastes as feedstocks for biofuels and biomaterials production in five African countries” Biomass and Bioenergy 85 pp 100-108
  2. Bayitse, R., Hou, X., Laryea, G. and Bjerre, A.B. (2015) Protein enrichment of cassava waste using Trichoderma pseudokoningii (ATCC 26801). AMB Express 5:80  pp 1-6.
  3. Bayitse, R., Hou, X., Bjerre, A.B and Saalia, F.K.  (2015)”Optimisation of enzymatic hydrolysis of cassava peel to produce fermentable sugars.” AMB Express 5, no. 1: pp 1-7.
  4. Bayitse, R. (2015). Lactic Acid Production from Biomass: Prospect for Bioresidue Utilization in Ghana: Technological Review – International Journal of Applied Science and Technology Vol. 5, No. 1 pp 10-17
  5. Bayitse, R., Laryea, G.N., Oduro, W.O., Aggey, M., Mensah, B., Gustavsson, M. and Bjerre, A.B (2014). Anaerobic Co-digestion of Cassava Peels and Manure:  A technological approach for Biogas Generation and Bio-fertilizer production – A Feature Article – Journal of Applied Science and Technology (JAST), Vol. 19, Nos. 1 & 2, Pp. 10 – 17
  6. Oduro, W.O., Bayitse, R., Carboo, D., Kortatsi, B. and Hodgson, I. (2012) Assessment of dissolved mercury in surface water along the lower basin of the River Pra in Ghana – International Journal of Applied Science and Technology  Vol 2 No. 1: January 2012
  7. Mensah, B. and Bayitse, R. (2007). Quality assessment of unrefined sodium chloride (NaCl) produced in Ghana –  Journal Of Applied Science & Technology Vol 12 Nos. 1&2
  8. Mensah, B. and Bayitse, R. (2006). Solar salt technology in Ghana: A case study of small scale salt wining process. Ghana Journal of Science, 46, pp 99-109

Conference Papers

  1. Hou, X. Rashamuse, K., Tahlawy, Y, Bayitse, R., Lawther, M., Owis, A.S. and Bjerre, A.B. Wet-milling, Hydrolysis, and Bio-ethanol Production from African Banana Biomass.  22nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition in Hamburg, 23rd June, 2014

Book Chapter

  • Bayitse, R, Tornyie, F., and Bjerre, A.-B. (2016). Cassava Cultivation, Processing and Potential Uses in Ghana. In C. Klein (Ed.), Handbook on Cassava: Production, Potential Uses and Recent Advances (1st ed.). USA: NOVA Science Publishers


 Conferences, Workshops and Seminars Attended

  1. Driving eco-innovation in Africa. Capacity-building for a safe circular water economy: Building institutional Capacity for Engagement and Knowledge Exchange (KE). Tuesday 9th – Friday 12 January 2018, Lancaster University, Ghana.
  2. EU-AU R&I Partnership on Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture – FNSSA; Brussels, 23 January 2017.
  3. Innovation Conference – Ghana: Development Innovation-Putting the Pieces Together. September 27th-28th, 2016, La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Accra-Ghana
  4. ISO 17025 training course organized by the TRAQUE Programme. 25th -28th August 2015, Erata Hotel, East Legon, Accra, Ghana.
  5. 22nd Biennial Congress of the World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organizations (WAITRO) with the Danish Technological Institute September 16-18, 2014, Denmark.
  6. Second Stakeholder Consultation on National Plan (NAP) Towards Addressing Short-Lived Climate Pollutants, Erata Hotel, Accra, Ghana, 18th April 2013.
  7. 21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Bella Center-Copenhagen Denmark. Conference 3-7 June, Exhibition 3-6 June 2013.
  8. 19th Session of the FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Africa (CCAfrica), Accra International Conference Centre, 1st – 4th February, 2011.
  9. Sustainable Development Action Plan Workshop, Coconut Groove Regency Hotel, 17th And 18th March, 2010.
  10. Sustainable Development Action Plan (SDAP) Capacity and awareness workshop 4th -5th November, 2009 at Ange Hill Hotel, Accra Ghana.



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Prof. F.K. Saalia
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Dr. M. Bateman
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