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Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

Institute of Industrial Research


Research Areas/ Interest; – Materials Science,

Microporous/ nanoporous materials,


Refractory materials,

Catalytic materials



 Current Designation:

PhD Materials Physics, MSc, B.Ed.

Research Scientist

Professional Affiliations Research Staff Association

Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World

British Zeolite Association

Contact Details:


Research Areas/ Interest Materials Science,

Microporous/ nano porous materials, adsorbents, refractory materials, catalytic materials

Past & On-going Research Work/ Project’s


  1. Achieving Wider Uptake of Water-Smart Solutions (WIDER UPTAKE)
  2. Zeolites and Mesoporous materials for environmental applications (ZEMAPS)
  3. Private Investment Mobilization Strategies (PIMS)
  4. Design and construction of a mechanized industrial solid waste incinerator for the Volta Aluminium Company, (VALCO) Tema
  5. Incineration Solution towards reducing/eliminating reinfection through medical waste at a COVID-19 Isolation Centre (Pentecost Convention Centre, Kasoa)



Trainings Attended



1.     OWSD 6th General Assembly and International Conference 2021

2.     CSIR-RSA Scientific Conference, 2021. STEPRI, Accra

3.     Meeting of Minds Conference, 2021 organized by The Royal Society.

4.     TWAS-ASM Regional Workshop on Science Diplomacy 2020

5.     Author Aid Research and Proposal Writing in the Sciences 2020

6.     CSIR-RSA Scientific Conference, 2019. CUTRAC, Kasoa

7.     Africa Climate Week NDC Investment Forum, 2019

8.     Advanced Nano and Energy Materials Conference, 2019. Perth Australia

9.     Connecting of Minds Conference, 2019. Nairobi, Kenya

10.  International Zeolite Conference, 2019. Perth Australia.

11.  Scriptora Grant writing workshop 2019

12.  Webinars hosted by the Center for Climate Strategies (USA) on Private Investment Mobilization Strategies

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5. Kwakye-Awuah, B., Kwakye, R., Sefa-Ntiri, B., Nkrumah, I. & Von-Kiti, E. (2018). Comparison of the Recycling Efficiency of Metakaolin and Laboratory-Synthesized Zeolite Types LTA and LSX on Used Lubricant Engine Oil. Applied Physics Research, 10(4), 1–13.

6. Kwakye-Awuah, B., Von-Kiti, E., Nkrumah, I., Sefa-Ntiri, B., &. Williams, C. (2018). Synthesis of Zeolites from Bauxite and Kaolin: Effect of Synthesis Parameters on Competing Phases. Conference paper, ICPMME 2018


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